Wednesday, July 11, 2007


hey guys! ok well ive never told anyone about my walk with christ so i figured id start here!!!
when i was little we didnt go to church very much. i mean i knew all the songs and alot of the stories but we just never went to church. when i was in sixth grade is when i realy started going to church becuase thats when you get to do all the kool camps and stuff. even though i was saved i wasnt realy.......i just wasnt. i got saved when i was eight but i realy dont think i had any idea what i was doing. i didnt realy learn what it was to be a christian and how i should act as a christian until i went on beach camp in sixth grade. i remember that everyone but me hated the pastor. they thought he was rude, said things that were untrue, and a load of other stuff. it was all true but i couldnt help but notice how excited he got, and how you could just TELL he loved god. i wanted to be like that. i needed to be like that. after we got home i realy started trying to be like that. i tried to be on fire for god. and i was. i loved god more than anything. i loved going to church. it was great. but then something happened. as i went to these camps and looked up to these great preachers, i realized how much i wanted to be a youth pastor. but when i felt like god was telling me HE wanted me to go into ministry, i wasnt sure it was the real deal or i was just imagining because thats what i wanted sooo bad. i fought god about it countless times, and finaly at fall retreat i just flat out knew thats what god wanted. i could feel it. it was amazing. so thats kinda where i am now. im a christian on fire for christ, hopelessly devoted to ministry, and am working on my "life song" so that maybe people can see how on fire i am like i could in the preacher at beach camp. i want my life song to be a loud song, heard from miles away, and bring glory to god the whole time. well i geuss thats about it, i know its a little random in some places but yea srry. lol well thanks for reading this guys!!!!!!

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